Why I Started This Blog

When I first started to really get into politics, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I just knew I had an interest in it and how it worked, so I studied political science for my bachelor’s degree. It wasn’t until the last year of these undergraduate days at the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) that I realized what I wanted to do: be a political analyst.

What fascinates and interests me most about politics is why it works the way it does. Not just with its actual structure, but why voters do what they do and how we have gotten to how the political landscape operates the way it does. I suppose that, up until I discovered what I wanted to do as career, it didn’t occur to me that I could make a career out of studying political science and communicating findings.

So, what was that the final impetus for determining what my dream job is? For my final year at USF, I had two classes taught by Dr. Susan MacManus, a highly respected Florida-based scholar and political scientist. She taught from a strictly nonpartisan stance, and you could clearly see the knowledge and authority she has due to the years of experience she has under her belt. Dr. MacManus cared about her students and demanded hard work and effort. Since that time, she also became my mentor, friend, and the single biggest influence on what I want to do professionally. I realized that I basically wanted to be an inevitably lesser version of her as a political analyst.

Now, I am in grad school at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I am studying political science with a concentration in political campaigning. Working toward becoming a political analyst is perhaps a bit unconventional this way but a wide variety of careers have come out of the program, which is part of what sold me on it. I just recently finished up my first year and now have just completed my summer internship for the program, leaving me with one year on the program.

I’ve been wanting to do a podcast on political science for a while, but time constraints have put that on the backburner for the time being. So, I’ve decided to do the next best thing and start a blog. If I want to become a political analyst, why not also do that on the side with this project? While this blog is mostly focused on political science, there will also be topics such as history covered as well.

One of the major characteristics about this endeavor that I want to make clear is that it is going to be nonpartisan. It is not Republican or Democratic, conservative or liberal. I have no intention of talking about my personal views of officeholders, candidates, or political issues. The hope is to be as nonbiased as possible, and if I do include an opinion I hope to make it as clear as possible that it is such. But those opinions are not going to be politically partisan. Bias isn’t always expressly political. Bias can show itself in how politics is studied or what data is important, for example. I hope to limit that as much as possible, and I want to be as honest and upfront as possible about it. I lament the lack of civil discourse in today’s politics, for example. Thus, I wish to bring a nonpartisan view to the table, and hopefully generate healthy discussion.

This blog is for anyone that has some level of interest in politics. For both the political junkie and the neophyte, and those in between. For Republicans, Democrats, minor parties, and independents. For conservatives, liberals, and moderates. I will be discussing that which I find important, useful, and even just interesting.

The hope is to have one post per week, although that might fluctuate in some way as time goes on. I don’t want to make guarantees about how frequently I will be writing due to work, school, and whatever else life throws at me. But I will do my best to hold myself to this bar I have set. Hopefully, everyone that reads what I have to say will find it useful and interesting, learning something new each time. I’ll be learning a lot myself along the way, too.

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Senior Page Editor - Sayfie Review, Assistant Staff Writer - Ballotpedia (my views do not express those of my employers), M.A. in Political Science

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