A Quick Update on this Blog

The past two months for me have been busier than usual. I’ve now wrapped up grad school, but work and other priorities have still kept me busy since. As a result, I have not been able to devote time to writing a sufficient post for this blog. (Although I still probably should’ve made a quick update before.)

However, I fully intend to get back to doing so soon. While I was able to manage one post per week when I was able to keep up with the blog, such is unlikely to happen now. I’m not entirely sure what the immediate future holds for me, which confounds things. Still, I want to keep making posts whenever I can. So if you are still reading this blog, or if you have only just come across it, I still plan on continuing it. I’ve already got plenty of ideas for political science-related posts upcoming, so stay tuned.

Written by

Senior Page Editor - Sayfie Review, Assistant Staff Writer - Ballotpedia (my views do not express those of my employers), M.A. in Political Science

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